BRI M-Banking



BRI mobile is an application for multiple e-Banking services provided by Bank BRI which can be accessed via smartphones along with other additional features. This launcher integrates Mobile Banking BRI, Internet Banking BRI, Call BRI, Info BRI, and other services in one application.

BRI Mobile provides flexibility and convenience for customers to perform various banking transactions, using either internet network or Short Message Service (SMS) as means of transaction. This application is secure as it comes with Personal Identification Number (PIN) and m-Token for transaction authentication.

The main features of BRI Mobile are as following:
1. Balace Inquiry.
2. Intra-bank fund transfer.
3. Inter-bank fund transfer through local switching network (PRIMA, BERSAMA, LINK).
4. Bill Payment (multifinance, PLN, Telkom, credit card, etc.).
5. Prepaid Purchase (mobile prepaid, e-money reload).
6. Merchant Payment via Mobile Cash BRI.

Other features:
1. 5-last transaction info and account statement.
2. Fund-transfer daily limit up to IDR 1 Billion, depending on ATM/Debit Card type.
3. Transaction notification send through email or SMS.

How to get it?
Simply go to BRI’s ATM and nearest BRI office to be registered and download the application directly via Apple Store, BlackBerry App Word, or Google Play Store.
For further assistance, please contact Call BRI at 14017 or 021-500017.
To get BRI Mobile can to download here